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Four Craigslist Listings That Are Way Too Excited

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One problem with regular listings is that they're often staid and reserved—"professional," if you will. And that's a shame. Apartments are exciting, and they should be treated as such. Like this West Village 2BR, which is for "superstars only." Non-superstars need not apply. The broker was so excited to take pictures of this apartment that he couldn't even wait until the previous superstar tenants had moved out, although he came close.

The same guy has another West Village apartment, this one a "monstrous fortress" with an "awesome fireplace." We wish he could just list all the apartments.

The broker for this Bushwick 3BR was so excited about it that he may have been having a stroke while writing up the listing.

This listing was written by a robot programmed to figure out how young people talk. So dope!
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