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The Best Craigslist Apartments For Animal Lovers

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↑ In Astoria, two sisters, a brother, and their "small very very cute Papillon dog," are looking for "one awesome roommate," but "only female please" because one of the sisters only wants another lady. It seems crowded for $850/month, but the dog is pretty cute.

↑ Near Union Square, it's just "4 FLIGHTS UP TO HEAVEN", where cats are clearly welcome.

↑ The dog seems like the only positive part about this Long Island City listing. The rent is $1,350 to share a bedroom with another person.

↑ For $860, there's a room for rent in a townhouse unit that comes with roommates: "2 gay male/female 28 and 25y/o NYU graduate students and a fluffy cat named Willow."

↑ Cat lovers will be really into this $1,300/month Chinatown apartment—it comes with three furry felines! Plus, a roommate and "no enclosed rooms."

↑ Adventurous renters can take a room in this Astoria apartment, where there's an unspecific creature living in a tank (plus a human roommate).
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