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Madison Ave. Start-Up Commune Has A Bunk Bed, Obviously

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Forget Silicon Valley. Or even NYC's own tech hublets like the Flatiron District and Chelsea. No, the founders of the next Facebook or Friendster or Twitter are looking further north, in Nomad, because that's clearly where all the techie types are congregating. Especially in this "fully furnished innovation space" at 118 Madison Avenue. It's so amazing—what with the "flexible term, co-living solution" that comes with in-house networking events for "a startup founder or employee who wants to live with people who are just as passionate as you are"—that apparently the leasors lessors did not think listing the monthly rent was necessary. Who could put a price on a bunk bed where the next Candy Crush might get invented?

Just so you can say that you brushed your teeth side-by-side—literally—with the guy who writes the next 4-Hour Work Week. Just check out this hard sell:

It's time you got more out of your housing situation... Do not settle for that miserable sublet or the overpriced one bedroom. Join motivated individuals making significant strides toward changing the world and save yourself from all the remedial tasks that dilute your productivity (cleaning the house, changing the sheets on your bed, going to the store to buy toilet paper, paper towels, milk, coffee, tea, and much more). You know what might dilute your productivity? Climbing up a ladder to get into bed.
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