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Comparing The Priciest And Cheapest Units In 10 NYC Rentals

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↑ In 30 East 85th Street, a full service doorman and concierge condo located a block from the Met, you can rent a 5BR/6BA triplex penthouse for $50,000/month, or a 651-square-foot studio for $3,800/month (listed in 2011 for $4,250/month, it has been in a steady price free fall ever since). And in this building, high- and low-floor units have more separating them than just views and space—earlier this week, two tenants filed a lawsuit over the "very loud high rattling humming sound" emanating from the David Barton gym downstairs.

The Platinum, a 43-story condominium building with an entire amenity floor known as—sigh—"The Zone," the 4,300-square-foot triplex penthouse is available for $47,500/month. Elsewhere, in the building, the 750-square-foot 1BR/1BA is available for $3,700/month. (The penthouse probably has that much square footage just in windows.) But at least both units get access to "The Zone."

↑ Back to East 85th Street we go with The Brompton, a Robert A.M. Stern-designed "'proper' new residence combining classic design and English sensibility," that offers a 2,567-square-foot 4BR/4BA for $29,000/month and a 536-square-foot studio for $2,850/month.

The Gotham's amenities include concierge service, health club, indoor swimming pool, residential lounge, children's playroom, and community terrace gardens, and its apartments include a $25,000/month 1,800-square-foot 2BR/2BA with a wraparound terrace and a $3,600/month 875-square-foot duplex.

↑ In Kenton Place, which includes a fitness center, playground, and conference rooms, there's a 2,800-square-foot duplex penthouse with a large, private terrace for $20,000/month, and a tiny studio for $2,800/month.

The Belaire Condominium is located on top of the Hospital for Special Surgery and includes such amenities as a health club and a heated 60-foot pool. The 2,500-square-foot 2BR/3BA penthouse is asking $24,995/month, while a standard 1BR/1BA goes for $3,700/month. (There was also a $2,195/month studio that just went into contract.)

↑ Downtown Brooklyn's infamous Miami Vice penthouse can't find a buyer to save its life and is now trying to rent at $19,500/month. But elsewhere in Bridgeview Tower, which offers a concierge, doorman, gym, and more, a corner 2BR/2BA is going for $3,495/month.

↑ In 425 Fifth Avenue, a 4,000-square-foot, 5BR/5BA duplex penthouse is renting for $19,995/month, and a 700-square-foot 1BR/1BA is going for $3,400/month.

↑ In Chelsea luxury tower Beatrice, a 3BR/3BA goes for $20,250/month, while a studio rents for $3,805/month.

↑ The most inexpensive unit in Park Avenue Place is a not-so-cheap $5,200/month 900-square-foot 1BR/1BA. However, the most expensive is a $35,000/month 2,950-square-foot, 3BR/3.5BA penthouse that includes three enormous chandeliers and a fish tank cabinet.
· Renters Week 2013 [Curbed]

Park Avenue Place

60 East 55th Street, New York, NY

189 Bridge Street

189 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY