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Greenwich Lane Unveils Tons Of Units, Townhouse, $29M PH

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The Greenwich Lane is a bit of a puzzle—even for real estate savants. It's almost a full square block, made up of five apartment buildings and five townhouses that form a U shape, with its legs on West 11th and West 12th Streets and its bottom on Seventh Avenue. There's also a courtyard in the middle, and the whole thing looks like it'll be rather pretty. The long-awaited St. Vincent's condo conversion, designed by FXFOWLE and developed by the Rudin family and Global Holdings, has thus far unleashed only two units, but those days of limited supply are over.

There are currently 21 listings on the market, according to StreetEasy, and even more listed on the official site. Those aching for a clearer picture of the project will love the floorplans, which also include mini-floorplates of all the sections and where the units are located within each one. Obviously, with so many parts, there are multiple penthouses, but the granddaddy of them all is Penthouse West at 155 West 11th Street (yup, that floorplan pictured above), which is asking $29 million. Besides that penthouse, there are four others listed, plus there's one townhouse available, a 5BR/3BA asking $25,250,000.

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