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$25K/Month Laureate Penthouse Includes Red Velvet Room

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We've seen some interesting apartments in The Laureate, which the Journal once described as a collection of "comfortable Westchester homes piled one on top of the other." But never anything like this. This 2,500-square-foot, 2BR/2.5BA penthouse (#3A; there are a whole bunch of penthouses), asking $25,000/month, has been updated with custom finishes such as "intricate plaster backlit moldings, chenille and leather wall coverings, mosaic tiles, marble, inlaid dark hardwood floors, beautiful light blue kitchen cabinets and crystal chandeliers." And then there's the red velvet media room, referred to only as "a stunning media room," where, one imagines, you can watch a movie while feeling like you're sitting inside a stuffed animal. It also includes a wet bar.

· 2150 Broadway Apt: PH3A [Nestseekers]
· Renters Week 2013 [Curbed]

The Laureate

2150 broadway, New York, NY