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Brooklyn Church Will Likely Be Sold, Razed, & Redeveloped

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Demolition plans were announced back in June 2012 for the Gothic Revival Church of the Redeemer on Fourth Avenue near the Barclays Center, and neighborhood preservationist have been trying to save it ever since. Church official maintain that it would cost too much to repair the 127-year-old building, and Brownstoner reports that they are moving forward with the sale of the property. Halstead will market the building for $17 million. The site has 70,000-square-feet of buildable space, but the church requires that 22,000-square-feet be set aside for a new church. Their ideal developer would build an 8 to 10 story condo building with street level retail.

The community presented other options to the church, such as restoring the church and leasing part of it as retail space, but church official say it would cost $4 to $8 million just to get the place back to a useable state. The dwindling congregation relocated to a different building years ago, and when the church first revealed its plans, the priest admitted that they had made no moves to try to raise money for repairs.
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