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From Spas to Playgrounds, The Pooch Perks Of NYC Rentals

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Dogs aren't simply "allowed" in buildings anymore. They are welcomed with artisanal treats, pampered with private concierge services, and shown-off in building-wide events. Dog amenities like playgrounds and wash stations are standard in new luxury rental buildings, so for this Renters Week listicle, we rounded up 10 New York rental buildings offering the best pooch perks around. As for all the cat-lovers out there, sorry, but it doesn't seem like anyone has jumped on those cat amenities.

1) MiMA: This west side funhouse/rental has Dog City, so it pretty much wins the gold medal of dog-loving. It costs extra, but it's all inclusive: "Dog City is staffed and designed to provide the services dogs desire and require from nanny services for young puppies to in-home geriatric care for elderly dogs and from regularly scheduled walks and play dates to running sessions. Nutritional counseling, grooming, training, exercise, veterinary care, off-site boarding – at Dog City, your dog can have it all." Feel free to overloard on dog and puppy cuteness on their Facebook page.

2) 205 East 59th Street: Manhattan Skyline could possibly be credited with starting this whole trend with their rental building on East 59th Street. When the 42-unit opened in the early aughts, it had a private outdoor puppy playground, designed by Thomas Balsley, the designer who created the building's garden.

3-4) The Ashley and the Aldyn (and more): Last year, Rose Associates rolled out its high-end dog concierge service in 20 of its properties, including the rental buildings the Ashley , 400 West 63rd Street, and the Aldyn, 60 Riverside Boulevard. The Spot Experience runs the service, which includes daycare, cage-free overnights, leisurely walks, grooming, and training. To celebrate the launch at the Ashley and Aldyn, building management hosted a dog show, where the pooches could show off their new skills on an agility course.

5) Gateway Plaza: In 2012, the LeFrak Organization tried to implement a very dog-unfriendly policy at the Gateway Plaza in Battery Park City by outlawing a dozen different breeds of dogs, but animal owners fought back. Then earlier this year, they did a complete 180, and now the complex also offers dog concierge services from the Spot Experience.

6) 101 Bedford Avenue: In a building that has as much amenity space as this new Karl Fischer complex in Williamsburg, it's no surprise that a pet washroom was included. It's officially called "a canine cleaning station," and management partnered with the Oliver & Company Pet Services for dog-walking and pet-sitting services.

7) The Caledonia: At the Caledonia along the High Line, the developers incorporated a separate doggie door that leads right to a wash room so owners can clean their furry friends after walks before returning to their apartments.

8) 220 Water Street: This Dumbo rental also has a separate pet washroom, located on the first floor, so you can groom and shower your pet while keeping your apartment clean.

9) 50 North 5th Street: This building joined the North Brooklyn amenity-laden club with 101 Bedford, and press materials said that it has a pet spa, but it's not included on the amenity maps (that's how large it is), so dogs must not be that important to management.

10) One Brooklyn Bridge Park: While technically a condo building, there have been quite a few rental transactions in OBP, so we're including it on the list. After all, it has the Wag Club, the social group that every New York City pooch wishes it could join. Dogs are everything to the people who run this place: "We absolutely love dogs, some say borderline addiction, but that's why we invest all our energy towards making sure your pet is given the best care, love and attention possible."
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The Aldyn

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One Brooklyn Bridge Park

360 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY

The Caledonia

450 W 17th St., New York, NY 10011


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