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Wood Columns Mesh With Modular Design In This Soho Loft

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Architect Ali Tayar took creative director Maryana Bilski's 4,500-square-square-foot loft and turned it into a 60s-ish modular space, which Dezeen has profiled, dividing up the space into pods that can be easily folded up and removed. Atop the 1872 cast-iron Soho building, there's also a small steel-framed pavilion with views, next to a water tower and up a flight of stairs from the rest of the apartment. Inspired by the work of Swiss architect Fritz Haller, Tayar extended the retro modular theme found there to the living spaces below, while intending that it jive with the original larch-wood Doric columns in the space, creating a "bespoke prefabricated system using 1.2-meter-square aluminum panels to build freestanding boxes that house the master and guest bedrooms, and kitchen units and appliances, as well as modular ceiling panels."

Check out the full writeup and photo gallery over at Dezeen.
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