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Think Big Statue Forced to Move; New Walking Tours

MIDTOWN WEST—The 12-foot tall bronze statue that appeared outside of 3 West 57th Street last Wednesday is being forced to move by the city, even though it has permission from the building it's sitting in front of. The statue, titled "Think Big," is by artist Jim Rennert and represents a man looking up at the sky. It has been offered a temporary home outside of 1411 Broadway and will look for a more permanent place while it bides its time there. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EVERYWHERE—The Municipal Art Society of New York released its winter schedule of walking tours. Tours offered in December include "Manhattan's Not Starving Artists: How the 1800s New York Art Scene Spawned the Co-op," "The Churches of Cobble Hill: The Here, the Now, the Long Ago and the Forgotten," "Midtown's Public Art," and many more. Each one costs $20. [CurbedWire Inbox]