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Staten Island's Freshkills Park Gets City's Biggest Solar Array

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New York's favorite (?) landfill-turned-green space is getting the city's largest solar array, a 10 megawatt system that will sit on 47 acres of Freshkills Park. Renewable energy was always part of the plan for the 2,200-acre site, and the city released an RFP for operators in March 2012. The new array in Staten Island, to be built and run by SunEdison, will double the city's renewable energy capacity and power approximately 2,000 homes. The city also announced today that all of Freshkills Park will be officially mapped as parkland, giving Staten Island the coveted title of "Most Park-Filled Borough." Does this negate the title of Most Forgotten Borough?

So why does the land need to be re-mapped? Freshkills stopped being a landfill back in 2001, and only parts of the 2,200 acres have re-opened as public green spaces. The rest of the land, some 1,500 acres, are "currently mapped for a variety of uses and under different jurisdictions," according to a press release sent by the mayor's office. "This application will include a provision for specific sites at Freshkills to develop renewable energy. The move will expedite and streamline the administrative process to build the Freshkills solar facility as a model of this Administration's commitment to long-range sustainability practices."
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