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Bennett House Conversion Will Bring Luxe 4BRs To The Slope

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A 1909-built Renaissance Revival building that used to house seven rentals is getting turned into three full-floor four-bedroom condos plus two first-floor 2BR duplexes, according to reps from Town Residential, which is marketing the project. The Bennett House sounds so Price and Prejudice-y, but it's actually named for its architect, Thomas, who was responsible for many a turn-of-the-century Slope residence.

"Brooklyn-centric" Phasa Development bought the building for $3.75 million in late 2012, and the developer is keeping one of the 4BRs for himself, meaning only four units will hit the market when sales launch in January. The project is positioning itself as the only game in town for 4BRs in Park Slope, and a StreetEasy search confirms the exceptionalism. Located on 2nd Street between Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park, the conversion has no floorplans or interior renderings to offer yet, though we do know each full-floor apartment will have 18 windows. Pricing hasn't yet been revealed, but we're taking guesses.

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