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Minetta Lane Salad House To Get This Tree-Inspired Facade

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Architect Adam Kushner of KUSHNERstudios is finally ready to reveal a rendering that hints at his big plans for 16 Minetta Lane, the so-called "salad house" with one crazy backstory that he bought for $3.75 million from event designer extraordinaire Robert Isabell one year ago. There were murmurs earlier this fall that the house would be 3D printed, reference Minetta Brook (which once ran below it), and be inspired by nature. Now we know more, and it looks, well, like the facade above. Some highlights: trees serve as the inspiration for the many-layered, branching facade and other parts of the five-story house; there's a 75-foot-climbing wall slash waterfall off the back courtyard; and the third floor will be open with stadium seating.

Kushner explains that the different layers of the facade, plus the way it curves, reference the way trees evolve as they grow into branches and leaves. Hence all the criss-crossing, and the trellis-like and otherwise porous patterns. The particular trees from which he drew inspiration came from the double-rowed canopy of them on Minetta Lane itself, plus another one on an upstate property that was uprooted by Hurricane Sandy and to reveal a hollowed out interior.

As for the 3D printing plan, it turns out that printing the whole house would be too much work, but he aims to use the technology to build some non-structural elements, like ceramic parts of the facade.

Wondering about what preservationists might say about the ambitious design? Well, the property is located within the proposed South Village Historic District, which is expected to be approved in December. Kushner says he's already got his permits and has even met with Landmarks staffers, so he's starting construction, with the goal to finish next year. "I think it will be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood," he says.

So stay tuned for floorplans, and await the architectural craziness.

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