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Inside 66 Rockwell, Downtown Brooklyn's 'Dull Slab' Building

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One of many new projects rising in Downtown Brooklyn, 66 Rockwell Place has unveiled its full official site and is renting units starting at $2,400 for a studio. The most expensive unit currently available is a $4,390 2BR. Move-ins start in December. Referring to by the Journal as "a dull slab to which a series of balconies don't so much add variety as incoherence," the building is at least somewhat more coherent on the inside, if uninspiring, with black granite kitchen counters, recessed lighting, and bamboo floors. The amenities are a standout, however—66 Rockwell boasts a 42nd-floor lounge known as "The Lightbox," as well as a roof deck; a zen garden with a fire pit, projector screen, grills, and picnic area; a health club; poker room; library; and more. Sounds like a real party. The 42-story building includes 327 apartments, 63 of which (19 percent) will be affordable. Applications for the affordable units closed in May.

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