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Renovated Upper East Side Duplex Gets Big Price Cut

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The owners of this duplex penthouse in 300 East 79th Street created it from two separate apartments, for which they paid a combined $8.8 million in 2011. Hoping for a quick turnaround, they put the newly minted duplex on the market this June for $15.5 million, but apparently prospective buyers agreed with the Curbed commenters who deemed the space "messy," "claustrophobic," and "bothersomely angular," and no one bit.

The owners have perhaps seen the folly of their ways, and have now re-listed the apartment for a much lower $11.5 million. It is also now being billed as a triplex, because some one thought it would be a good idea to pretend that the roof deck is an additional floor. Despite the lack of open space, the apartment does total an enormous 4,900 square feet, so perhaps the 26 percent PriceChop will do the trick.

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