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New Plans Revealed For Controversial Washington Heights Site

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HAP Investments, the developer behind two recently revealed Karim Rashid buildings, released more details about its plans for a controversial site in Washington Heights. Located at 4452 Broadway, the property is the same space where Quadriad Realty Partners wanted to build a group of 25 to 28 story towers; but HAP ruined those plans when they purchased part of the land. DNAinfo reports that HAP plans to construct a 7-story, 128-unit building with commercial space on the ground floor. In keeping with the developer's naming scheme, it will be called HAP Seven NY. The design is more subdued than the buildings by neon-loving Rashid, but one version does show a lime green ribbon zig-zagging across the facade in the rendering.

In addition to this building and the Karim Rashid projects, HAP lists plans for five other NYC apartment buildings on its website, all but one of which are located in Upper Manhattan.
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