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Hotel Conversion, Glassy 8-Story Addition For 17 John Street

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Earlier this year, Prodigy Network bought 17 John Street from Metro Lofts with plans to convert the structure, along with a former New School dorm at 84 William Street, into a long-stay hotel. The project didn't really strike our fancy as anything exciting, but that has most certainly changed. Not only will the art deco 17 John be converted, but Prodigy wants to add an 8-story glass topper by famed architect Winka Dubbeldam , who calls the addition "a glowing crystal in the sky" in a promotion video. Permits have not yet been filed with the Department of Buildings, but reps say the developer is in the process of doing so. Upon completion, the new building will stand 23-stories high. There are currently more than 100 units in the building, and it's unclear when the tenants have to leave.

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