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Hell's Kitchen Walker Tower Sequel Reveals Pricing

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JDS Development and Property Markets Group had so much success converting a Ralph Walker-designed Verizon building into condos that they decided to just do it again, with 435 West 50th Street in Hell's Kitchen. Stella Tower, as it is being called (named after Walker's wife), has just unveiled a teaser site and, with it, pricing for some of the building's 51 (fewer than expected) units. Prices for the one- to three-bedroom units will range from $1.5 million to $9 million, according to BuzzBuzz, who spotted the site. Amenities will include a fitness center, storage, bike storage, and a lounge.

Walker Tower has already (almost certainly) set a new Downtown condo record with its $50+ million penthouse in contract, so Stella Tower, which is in a much less trendy location, will be looking to capitalize on its sister building's cachet (and, of course, from the prestige of being a Ralph Walker building). The conversion is being handled by architecture firm Cetra/Ruddy.
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435 West 50th Street

435 West 50th Street, New York, NY