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809 Broadway Owner to Construct Residential Tower

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The Blatt Billiards building just south of Union Square was sold in May for $24 million, and owners IDM Capital have officially filed plans to boost the building's height by 199 feet, adding ten stories.

The $50 million residential development will be a "modern glass-faced building with black vertical elements," with the closing of the deal set for January 2, 2014. According to The Real Deal, the new tower is expected to have "about 22,000 square feet of commercial space, 10,400 square feet of residential space and a 167-square-foot wedge set aside for community facilities."

The historic loft building at 809 Broadway has housed numerous companies in its 126-year history and was a prominent fixture among the large swath of factories and workshops that once lined Broadway south of 14th Street. Pool table maker Blatt Billiards has occupied the space since 1943, and will soon relocate its manufacturing center to New Jersey.
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