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Kinda Boring South Slope Project Has 7 Condos From $895K

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The South Slope has a new condo project that just debuted, with seven units ranging from one- to three-bedrooms (h/t BuzzBuzz). As Development Du Jours go, this one at 379 Prospect Avenue is sorta snoozy, probably because it lacks snazzy furnished model units. All of the listings are live, though, so that's something. The relative blandness of the photos doesn't appear to cramp the asking price, which range from from $895,000 for an 894-square-foot 2BR to $2.1 million for a 3BR/2.5BA at 1,844 square feet. There's also a 1BR duplex at the garden level. Each unit has an open kitchen, and some have balconies. Building amenities include a courtyard/garden, and outdoor parking spots and storage that are available at an extra cost. The most interesting thing about the apartments? Some of the floorplans list 3/4 bathrooms. What, pray tell, are those?

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