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Custom Co-op With Conservatory Bathtub Cuts Price to $14.5M

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The duplex penthouse atop 1158 Fifth Avenue, listed in May, failed to draw a buyer at $17 million despite the trove of custom features that its current owners, an investment managers and an interior and landscape designer, who bought the place in 1975, have bestowed upon it, including a glass conservatory on the terrace with 16-foot ceilings and a marble bathtub. Now the eleven-room apartment is trying again at $14.5 million. In addition to the conservatory, the terrace features a lush garden and the interior includes a fireplace, stained-glass windows, a large kitchen, and a formal dining room. Often times, highly customized apartments have a hard time getting buyers interested, and this seems to be the case here so far, but it is hard not to like this one.

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