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Read All About The Exciting Changes Afoot At Curbed NY

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The inimitable Sara Polsky has written 10,518 posts for Curbed NY and, hopefully, that won't be all. After infusing the site with her sharp news judgement, concise writing, and always-appropriate wit for more than four years?all while writing a novel on the side?Sara will be moving into the role of Features Director. She'll work with Curbed's sites in (gasp!) other cities?from Cape Cod to LA?to develop and grow long-form features and narrative journalism, which will provide a whole new dimension of coverage heretofore untrodden within the Curbediverse.

Attempting to fill her sizable shoes, Hana Alberts and Jessica Dailey will be taking charge of Curbed NY as Senior Editors, while Jeremiah Budin assumes a full-time Editor position. Remember, you can always give them intel or feedback via emailing the tipline or by sending a completely anonymous tip. Because New York real estate and neighborhoods refuse to stop being interesting, we're also hiring for a new associate editor to join our team. Onwards and upwards... Just like the towers on 57th Street, but more fun.