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Crazily Decorated Park Ave Pad Undergoes Massive Price Cuts

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The Rosario Candela-designed 770 Park Avenue is no stranger to huge pricechops, having seen scamster Hassan Nemazee's duplex go from $28 million to $18 million. This duplex on the fourth and fifth floors doesn't have the same history as Nemazee's place, but the interior design is pretty scandalous, sort of reminiscent of casino syndicator Michael Malik's absurd Rushmore pad. The apartment has been on and off the market for over two years, first listed with Sotheby's at $18 million, but taken off the market a month later, only to return this May with Warburg, asking an audacious $23.8 million. After being chopped three times down to $17.9 million, the listing returned to Sotheby's and is now asking $16 million. We guess nobody out there appreciates some good drapes anymore.

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770 Park Avenue

770 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10021