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See The Second Avenue Subway's Subterranean Progress

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Every once in awhile, the MTA likes to release some photos of the Second Avenue Subway construction, as if to say, "Hey world, we promise that this is a thing that is still going on." Well, another batch has just surfaced, via the agency's surprisingly active Flickr account, revealing updated glimpses of tunnels, scaffolding, tarps, and more in the sections that will become the 86th Street and 96th Street stations. Progress is, in fact, being made?even rails have arrived!?and the work is apparently on schedule. UPDATE: Second Avenue Sags has some technical explanations for the images. Obviously, the project has been quite a saga. After starting work in 2007, with three stations projected to open December 2016, let's just say folks need any reassurance they can get along the way.

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