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Would This Site Have Been Better Off With McSam Condos?

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It's not something that you ever imagine yourself thinking, but Alphabet City residents might pine for the days when Sam Chang was going to construct a six-and-a-half-story condo building at 401 East 8th Street once they get a look at what's going to be built there now (right). The McSam project never got off the ground after Chang bought the land parcel sight unseen in 2007 for $4.9 million. He took a loss selling it for $4.5 million in 2012, after listing it for $5.2 million, but the new owners, an anonymous LLC, have bigger plans for the lot than Sam ever did. They are going to erect a nine-story condo building with a penthouse, designed by Queens architect Akeeb Shekoni, the man who may or may not be responsible for—but was on some level involved with—the most unfathomable house in Woodside, and possibly the world.

Also, there's this sign on the construction fence. Because if there's one thing that graffiti artists respect it's places where you're not supposed to do graffiti.

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