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Greenpoint Waterfront Moves Closer To A Tower-tastic Future

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To the surprise of no one and the dismay of many, the City Planning Commission gave its stamp of approval to both Greenpoint Landing and 77 Commercial Street, two huge residential projects that will bring thousands of new apartments to the North Brooklyn waterfront. Greenpoint Landing is the larger of the two, with multiple 30 to 40 story towers with some 5,000 units. The first phase, however, will be the shorter 7-story building rendered above (h/t Crain's). Park Tower Group is the developer.

The Chetrit Group is behind the 720-unit 77 Commercial Street, which will also have towers rising 30 to 40 stories. Two hundred of the units will be affordable, as will 1,300 units in Greenpoint Landing. The community and local officials are (rightly) concerned over strains on public transit?when was the last time someone said something positive about the G train??and they also wanted more affordable housing. City Council now has 50 days to make a decision.
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