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Fritos Heir Building Modern Townhouse in Park Slope

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Brownstoner got wind of this rendering posted on a construction fence at 357 7th Street in Park Slope. Needless to say, once completed, this structure is really going to stand out among its brownstone and row house neighbors. The three-story home is being designed for Kaleta Doolin, daughter of Frito Company founder C.E. Doolin, and the architect of record is Lynch/Eisinger/Design, who appear to design pretty interesting-looking places all over the world, including some in New York City, where they're based. (As a side note, one of those projects looks like it's the infamous Leaning Tower of Soho, and if so, it has somehow grown in height since being approved by the Landmarks Commission.)

But back to the Park Slope townhouse: it will include a "sculpture studio on ground floor, drawing studio and residence on the upper floor, and archive on the lower level," according to the architects' website, and total 3,000 square feet. Doolin, an artist, bought the site for $1.4 million in 2008 and put another $1.3 million into the construction.

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