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Broadway's Newest Box Is A 20-Story Luxury Development

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The modern, boxy structure above... is the luxury building set to rise at the corner of 80th Street and Broadway?after what's already there is demolished, of course. West Side Rag first published the rendering, which developer Friedland Properties posted on its site in an effort to lure tenants like stores and restaurant to the several commercial spaces at the bottom of the proposed building. It's unclear whether the tower will house rentals or condos, but if it's any indication, Friedland is also behind The Larstrand, full of fancy rentals and cabanas that is nonetheless bland and boxy, located three blocks south of this site. This building will replace the two-story structure that once held Syms and Filene's and is now home to Fox's department store.

The move would bring even more pricey apartments to the Upper West Side, and local officials say they will fight to have affordable or stabilized units included. Friedland might not have to make any concessions, though:

...those concessions are usually made only when a developer wants to exceed the zoning allowed on the site. If zoning allows you to build "as of right" you can do so without having to negotiate the planning process. Rosenthal's office was not sure yet whether the proposed building would exceed the zoning requirements. The address of the new building is 2234 Broadway. Please send any intel to the tipline.
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