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Movement at 421 Kent Site; Bed-Stuyers Hate Construction

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Photo by Will Femia

WILLIAMSBURG—Roving photographer Will Femia noticed some construction equipment in the enormous pit at the site of long-stalled condo project 421 Kent Avenue, which means that after a long hiatus (the project went on hold in 2007), 421 Kent is back in action. The full-block site was originally intended to house a Karl Fischer-designed building until the permits expired and the site was sold to a Chinese development company for $31.6 million last October. The building will have 216 units and multiple swimming pools. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

BED-STUY—Residents of Skillman Street between Willoughby and DeKalb avenues are dealing with the construction of four separate buildings all from developers Velocity Framers U.S.A. (very good name) on their block, all of which began over the last year, with two more set to begin construction soon. The projects won't be all finished until 2015, at the earliest. The residents are, understandably, not too happy about it. "It's getting on my damn nerves," said one, and that sounds like an understatement. There have been complaints of apartments shaking, cracks in the sidewalk, and dust, dirt, and debris covering everything. [DNAinfo]

421 Kent Avenue

421 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY