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Old South Beach Of Legend; Giant House Up For Auction

The latest from Curbed Miami, our outpost in the "Sixth Borough"...

1) South Beach: Take a visual odyssey through South Beach in the fabled old days, of artists, vagabonds, lots souls, and geriatrics on this Facebook page, where photographer Donna Dunson is sharing her archives of photographs of daily life in South Beach in the early 1980s.

2) Southwest Ranches: The largest house for sale in Broward County, a 20,000+ monstrosity of gilt, encrustations of baroque bling, and many-columned bathrooms, is hitting the auction block in December, with a beginning asking price of $10 Million.

3) Museum Park: Herzog & de Meuron's Perez Art Museum Miami is getting its final touches, including elaborate hanging gardens, wood finishes, furniture, and of course art. Do check out one last pre-opening photo tour of the starchitect-designed showpiece museum, art included.
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]