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Crown Heights' Oldest, Possibly Saddest, House Asks $1.1M

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The landmarked Susan B. Elkins House at 1375 Dean Street is the oldest house in Crown Heights, but over the years, the house has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair. It changed hands in 2011 for a measly $194,000, and the buyer, Real Properties Group, pledged to restore the house. But it was left in its decrepit state, and the neighbors reported the owners for "demolition by neglect" because of gaping holes in the roof. Now Brownstoner spotted a new listing for the house?and it's asking a whopping $1.1 million. The listing says that the interior "has been completely cleared" for a buyer to create his "fantasy home." A member of the Crown Heights North Association, which advocated for the landmarking of the house in 2006, told Brownstoner, "Now it's our turn to help find a buyer who will restore it to its glory."

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