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Ben Shaoul's Bloom 62 Dances on the East Village's Grave

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What's new with Bloom 62, the former Cabrini nursing home that boy king Ben Shaoul bought and converted into luxury rentals? Well, for one thing, it's 82 percent leased after six months on the market. (Great job, Bloom 62!) For another thing, Real Estate Weekly just loves it. Poor EV Grieve spotted this glowing article, which includes sentences like "The smell of barbecue coming from the built-in outdoor grills and the blooming hydrangea summed up the building's message: Just because you're in Manhattan, doesn't mean you can't live as if you're out in the country." You know what—just take it away Real Estate Weekly:

Neighboring buildings are showing their age and sport the occasional graffiti over rusty fire escapes, leftovers of a time when the area was known more for its punks and basement clubs than for its fine dining.

But times have changed: "East Village" and "luxury rental" can now be said in the same sentence with a straight face. That the East Village is dead has been long established. What you're smelling right now is probably its rotting corpse.
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