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Updated Vignelli Subway Map Colorfully Connects NYC & NJ

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In February, the National Football League will descend on the MetLife stadium in New Jersey for the Super Bowl, and officials have taken to promoting the game as the first "mass transit bowl." To avoid major traffic headaches, transportation agencies want people to take public transportation to the game, and they've released a wonderfully colorful new transit map to help guide the masses. It's designed by Vignelli Associates in the same style as Massimo Vignelli's loved-or-loathed 1972 map, and it shows all of the players: New Jersey Transit, the New York City Subway, Metro-North, PATH, Long Island Railroad, and Amtrak. It's the first ever map to show all of the various rails and connections, and transit nerds are smitten. Atlantic Cities called it "beautiful," while Second Avenue Sagas said it's "just the prettiest little thing you ever did see." You can find the full map PDF here.
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