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Cornerspotted: The White House Hotel At 156 Canal Street

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Not only did Curbed commenter quickly identify this week's Cornerspotter location, but they also provided a detailed history of the building and the "wannabe killer" who it once housed. The Beaux-Arts structure was called the White House Hotel, and it was located at 156 Canal Street, which now holds the glass-faced building shown above. The photo shows the street sometime between 1910 and 1915, according to the Library of Congress, and the infamous man who stayed there was John F. Schrank, who tried to assassinate President Teddy Roosevelt in 1912. Apparently, Schrank stayed at the hotel in the month before the attempted assassination, which took place in Milwaukee. Commented Ken Sacharin shared a detailed account of the event in the comments, so click through for a mini history lesson.
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