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Inside Chelsea's Sexy, Scandalous, $6 Million Black Apartment

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Former advertising exec Cindy Gallop bought a raw open-plan loft created when the 23rd Street Y—yes, of Village People fame—was converted in 2005. She spent $1.5 million on the space and another million for the renovation, turning 3,800 square feet of what was once a men's locker room into a black-walled bastion of erotica and art. The famous apartment has served as the backdrop for numerous over-the-top parties, fashion shoots, the Notorious B.I.G video "Nasty Girl," and a Law & Order SVU episode (as a pimp's residence, naturally). The charismatic Gallop, who dubs herself the "Michael Bay of Business" and runs two start-ups, gives our video team an insider's tour of the for-sale flat, which she listed earlier this year for $5.995 million. Step inside.
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213 West 23rd Street

213 West 23rd Street, New York NY