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Floating East River Pool Begins Next Phase, Eyes 2016 Opening

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Curbed obsession +Pool, the crazy ambitious project to build a floating watering hole in the East River that'll filter out all the surrounding gook for some good clean swimmable fun, is moving on to the next phase of development. After raising more than $250,000 in a Kickstarter campaign this summer in order to build a miniature test pool, called Float Lab, in early 2014, the builders are also looking to raise $500,000 in a second round of fundraising, mostly by selling tiles to donors, ranging from $25 to $249 a pop, which could raise a total of $15M if all 70,000 get bought.

They're also launching an extensive series of water quality tests—taking samples every 15 minutes for an entire year to assess technical metrics like turbidity, salinity, and chrorophyll level. The actual pool is scheduled to open in 2016, with the current location set for Brooklyn Bridge Park.
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