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Fearless Photog Leans Off Roofs For Ridiculous Aerial Shots

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Photographer Navid Baraty, who must not have issues with vertigo, leans over New York City rooftops in order to capture intersections, crosswalks, the geometry of traffic patterns, and more from on high. Although his project is ongoing, seven of his works are currently on view inside the Bowling Green subway station. Here's his technique, explained:

All of the NYC photos were taken in the last two years or so. They've all been taken by me just leaning over the edges of building rooftops. I don't use a tripod, I'm not a helicopter pilot or window washer, and I'm also not Spiderman as some have claimed. Not really scary at all, no. I'm not scared about falling over the edge, but more so about dropping my camera or a lens from that high up. I wrap my camera strap tightly around my wrist several times so it feels extra secure. ... I was able to get access to a lot of the rooftops because I'd done a shoot in the building. · Navid Baraty [official; Twitter; Facebook]
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