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Big Reveal: $1.2M For A 1BR Duplex on the Upper West Side

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If Curbed commenters are correct, this week's Pricespotter property is way overpriced. The unit featured is a one-bedroom duplex with two fireplaces in a townhouse co-op at 59 West 83rd Street, and it's asking $1.199 million. Two people (it's dubious as to whether the guesses were honest or if they cheated) named the exact price, but the rest of the 25-plus wagers were all below $1 million. The asking price is nearly $1,600 per square foot, significantly higher than anyone considered in their PPSF math in the comments. The lowest guess was $475,000, and the median was somewhere around $750,000. It seems like the Pricechopper is in the future for this humble abode.

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