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Rusted Steel Boathouse Will 'Embrace the River' In Inwood

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The New York Restoration Project turned a former dumping ground into one of Manhattan's most beautiful parks 10 years ago, and now the last untouched half-acre of Sherman Creek Park is finally being transformed. The Daily News reports that the Restoration Project selected the Brooklyn-based architecture firm Bade Stageberg Cox to design a storm-resistant boathouse and education center for the green space on the shore of the Harlem River. The nonprofit launched the EDGE/ucation Pavillion Design Competition this summer, and the winning proposal calls for two rusted-steel pavilions with perforated sides. Architect Jane Stageberg told the News, "We want these buildings to embrace the river, not recede from it."

The larger pavilion holds 24 racing sculls, and the Restoration Project plans for ROW NY, which runs the boathouse in the park's Swindler Cove, to operate the facility. The interactive education center can host a variety of groups, and many of the lessons will focus on rising sea levels and the city's changing relationship with the water.

It's unclear when construction of the new facilities will start or when they will open.

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