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Court Battle Ties Up East Broadway Synagogue-Condo Project

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The "synagondo"—part synagogue, part condos—that we'd been expecting for 225 East Broadway has long been delayed, and now we'll have to wait a little longer to see that lovely modern building at right get built. The Lo-Down reports that Young Israel Synagogue and its partner developers enter trial tomorrow (after a year and a half of legal skirmishes) to determine how much the synagogue is owed in damages—at one point, it wanted $10 million!—because plans have been pushed back for so long.

A quick run-down of the site's history: demolition started in 2007, but financing troubles stalled the project in 2010. The plan was originally conceived as a $6 million synagogue with 24 apartments spread over 10 floors above it. One of the developers is ready to roll, because the market's rebound has made the site even more valuable than before, but the legal skirmish must be settled first. "We're ready to go build them a synagogue," Ozymandius Realty's Anthony Marano told Lo-Down. "Many of their members are in their 70s; how long do they want to wait?" So now, instead, we have an empty pit, and we wait.
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