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Baz's Buzzy Faena Marketing Short; Inside Design Miami 2013

The latest from Curbed Miami, our outpost in the "Sixth Borough"...

1) South Beach: Last week, Miami was the epicenter of the design world. Exhibiting a huge range of 20th-century design, Design Miami runs concurrently alongside mega fair Art Basel. This year's focus on architecture and interior design resulted in two prefab houses from 1930s France fully assembled and Tent Pile, the accurately named pile of sand under the fair's tent entrance.

2) Midbeach: "The Great Gatsby" director Baz Luhrmann is marketing The Saxony Hotel, which he's consulting on along with wife/Academy Award-winner Catherine Martin, through a short he directed and stars in. In conversation with the Panama-hat-clad developer Alan Faena, Luhrmann equates Faena's plans for an eponymous district as "a movie but it's real." Whatever that means.

3) Brickell: An extremely tall and incredibly narrow tower by architect Luis Revuelta has been proposed for a skinny parcel on the Miami River locals call the Big Fish, after the famed seafood joint once there. The obtuse triangle on a sliver of land would be called The Edge of Brickell.
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