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Mapping Greenpoint's Towertastic Waterfront Of The Future

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Earlier this week, the City Council voted to green light the ever-contentious Greenpoint Landing project, whose centerpiece is 10 controversially-rendered tall towers that'll house some 5,000 units. Despite significant community opposition, the project is going ahead, and developers have made concessions to area residents that include construction of a K-8 school, money for a park, shuttle buses to bolster public transit, and a promise to keep 400+ apartments "permanently affordable."

Greenpointers has an in-depth look at the ays, nays, and rocky road to approval, and it includes a map of the area that gives the clearest picture yet of what could go where. (Click for big; find an even bigger PDF here.) The buildings lettered A through H are towers, and it shows where proposed parkland, affordable housing, and the school could go. Because context is good.
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