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Renderings Revealed for 13-Story Cooper Square Dorm

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The dormification of the East Village continues apace, as an EV Grieve reader happened to capture the exact moment when workers tacked up the rendering for developer Arun Bhatia's new 13-story dorm. Although we'd previously suspected—for obvious reasons—that the dorm would house students from either Cooper Union or NYU, lease documents filed with the city reveal the school in question to be Marymount Manhattan College. Marymount's campus is located on East 71st Street, so the students who will be living at 35 Cooper Square will be in for a bit of a schlep.

As for the building itself, designed by Kossar + Garry Architects, it ... sure looks like a building. Very square. It will contain contain 55 units and 3,517 square feet of commercial space.
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35 Cooper Square

35 Cooper Square, New York, NY