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Angry Park Slopers Compel Hospital To Alter Expansion Plans

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After a heated, packed community meeting last month when Park Slopers slammed New Methodist Hospital's expansion plans, the hospital is going back to the drawing board. Community Board 6 was set to vote against the plan (a subcommittee already did), but its full vote has been postponed till after the hospital re-presents the updated plans to the Landmarks and Land Use subcommittees on January 6. That gives the hospital time to amend some of the the more infuriating elements of its design, such as concerns about traffic, noise, overcrowding, the demolition of nearby buildings and townhouses, etc, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

The News reports that "the hospital has made approximately 20 changes to the proposed U-shaped building based on community input over the past six months, but she would not provide details." The community appeasement move makes for good PR, but the final say actually rests with the city's Board of Standards and Appeals, which could hypothetically let the hospital do whatever it wants.
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