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Bushwick Trailer Park Relocates to North Williamsburg

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After the residents of the Bushwick Trailer Park were evicted in 2011, it looked like that little experiment was over. In fact, the collective's founder, Hayden Cummings, said as much, telling City Room, "The trailer park community as we knew it is definitely done with."

Cummings sold off some of the trailers on Craigslist, but according to a just-published Bedford + Bowery article, relocated four Airstreams to a lot on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg and began to build anew, albeit on a much smaller scale. But still, the Bushwick Trailer Park lives! As such, its residents, particularly the banjo player/subway busker who is the focus of the article, are giving some classic Bushwick Trailer Park quotes, like, "I've never been able to do the rent thing ... I think rent is a kind of theft."

The new trailer park is currently home to between three and six people at any given time (one couple has an actual apartment elsewhere and uses their trailer as a pied-a-terre) and has been in existence for at least a year without incident. However, as it was probably the media attention that led to the last trailer park being squashed by the FDNY, hopefully this isn't the beginning of the end (again) for Cummings and his crew.
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Photo by Shawn Hoke