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Liberty Park Funding Approved by Port Authority

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Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has voted to approve the $50 million of funding necessary to build the one-acre park on the roof the World Trade Center's vehicle security center, which will henceforth be know as "Liberty Park," The Broadsheet Daily reports. According to the Port Authority's resolution, "this community park would serve as a gathering place for as many as 750 people at a time, and would provide a scenic overlook to the Memorial Plaza and a landscaped forecourt," for the new Santiago Calatrava-designed St. Nicholas Church.

The preliminary design for Liberty Park, done by landscape architect Joseph E. Brown, includes 40 trees and shrubs, a small amphitheater-like elevated space, and a large staircase paralleling Greenwich Street with wooden benches on its landings. It will be approximately 25 feet off the ground and and encompass 63,000 square feet of outdoor space. The park is expected to open sometime in 2015.
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