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Watch the Interior Designer at 432 Park Explain Its Apartments

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[Renderings courtesy DBOX for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties]

The folks at planned megatower 432 Park Avenue sure like promotional videos, and while we still haven't laid eyes on the one that features an animated Harry Macklowe dressed in a King Kong outfit, this video of interior designer architect Deborah Berke talking about the apartments' layouts and finishes is pretty good, too. It's especially good for making you understand just how deficient your own apartment is, in ways that you had never even considered. "When you talk about organizing a room such that when you enter it you're on axis with this perfect square window," Berke explains, "that is both modern and classical at the same time. That is how you should enter a room, always in line with the view ... Our interiors enhance all that is enhanceable, embraceable, beautiful about life." And here we were, thinking that the epitome of luxury was having a dishwasher.

432 Park is expected to be completed in 2015 and will be the tallest residential building in New York City. One of its penthouses is already in contract for $95 million.
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432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY Visit Website

432 Park Avenue

432 Park Avenue, New York, NY