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Leonard Street Landlords Blame Each Other For Decrepitude

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Leonard Street may be a hot new address these days, but that assessment definitely does not include numbers 15 and 17, whose owners are involved in a dispute over which building is causing damage to number 17, a 157-year-old structure with giant cracks that was evacuated earlier this month. The Tribeca Trib has the full story, which pits 17 Leonard landlord Christopher Rolf against the owner of his next-door neighbor, Steven Schnall, who is overseeing the rise of a Landmarks-approved seven-story condo building with a duplex penthouse. Rolf claims Schnall's project has caused his building to crack; meanwhile, Schnall counters that the decrepit structure was already falling apart when he started construction. This nitpicky legal battle just might get in the way of Rolf's efforts to sell his ramshackle little prewar, which is on the market for a whopping $15,750,000, which includes renderings of what a residential conversion there could look like.

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