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Serpentine Recycled-Cup Structure To Grace Governors Island

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Once called Governors Island's "annual quest for weirdness," the competition to design a pavilion for the annual Figment arts festival is always somewhat wacky. Out of this year's five zany finalists, New York-based CDR Studio's "Governor's Cup" has just been crowned the winner. "Inspired by tape-lace crochet, used plastic cups, saved from discard from throughout the city, are bound by zip-ties into a densely-knit serpentine structure," says the winning project's official description. "A lacy infill of cups between the tape structure and branches create an airborne topography and shadow play. The configuration forms an outdoor room, shimmering in the sun and echoing with breeze-driven sound." Last year, the pavilion was crafted out of 53,000 plastic bottles, and next year it's made of cups, so maybe 2015 will bring cans? The structure will be assembled on the island in the spring of 2014 and be on display all summer long.
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