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New Rendering, Land Use Approval For Tamarkin's Soho Condo

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The car-wash replacing condo tower planned for a wedge-shaped site between Sixth Avenue and Sullivan Street received approval from the Board of Standards and Appeals, reports the Real Deal, and the news comes with the first color rendering (click on it to enlarge) of the development. The project's official address was also revealed, 10 Sullivan Street. It's being developed by Madison Equities and Property Markets Group and designed by Cary Tamarkin, who was revealed as the project's designer earlier this year after plans filed by Richard DeMarco were denied. Since the site is currently a car-wash, the development required a variance because it's zoned for commercial and industrial use.

The development consists of a 204-foot high, 16-story condo tower with four adjoining 25-foot wide townhouses. Here's how the PR-babble describes the look: "Rounded glass windows will define the building's southern prow, surrounding the spacious living rooms and allowing for breathtaking panoramic views. The building's façade will feature a corbelled black and blonde Norman brick exterior with large classic industrial-style windows."
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10 Sullivan Street

10 Sullivan Street, New York, NY 10012